Labeling of dairy products is the most expensive measure in the entire history of the industry – Soyuzmoloko

Источник: The DairyNews
Labeling dairy products by means of identification is the most expensive regulatory measure in the history of the industry. This was announced at the XII Congress of Soyuzmoloko, writes The DairyNews.

Soyuzmoloko sought to assess the feasibility of introducing labeling for dairy products; participated in the formation of an approach to the experiment, including the development of criteria for the success of the experiment; at the final stage, actively participated in the development of a regulatory system.

As a result, the organization managed to achieve a number of results:

the introduction of labeling was postponed from June 1, 2020, first to January 1, 2021, and then to the period from June 1, 2021 to December 1, 2021;

there are long transition periods for the introduction of piece-by-piece traceability, which requires the highest investment and operating costs;

products with an expiration date of 40 days or less are excluded from piece-by-piece traceability;

baby food for children under three years of age, as well as specialized preventive and therapeutic food, are excluded from the labeling requirements.

Soyuzmoloko noted that in 2021, they would continue to work to minimize costs and risks in the implementation of labeling by identification means in the dairy industry and the development of appropriate legislation.

В понедельник стало известно, что между основателем компании «ЭкоНива», крупнейшего производителя молока в России, Штефаном Дюрром, и Россельхозбанком возникли серьезные корпоративные разногласия. Собственник оспорил в суде соглашения, по которым кредитор компании, Россельхозбанк, мог выкупить доли в бизнесе по номиналу.
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