Kursk dairy plant tries to refund money for Milkiland trademarks

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The bankruptcy Trustee of LLC “Kursk-Moloko” (“Rylsky Syrodel”, a structure of the international holding Milkiland), Alexander Volchkov, is trying to return the money paid for trademarks to the company. This follows from the court documents.

We are talking about a sublicensed agreement on granting the right to use trademarks from August 29 of the previous year, concluded by the enterprise “Kursk-Moloko” with its founder, LLC “Milkiland RU”. Mr. Volchkov wants to invalidate it in terms of the amount of remuneration for the licensee (the user of intellectual property objects belonging to another person).

The application of the bankruptcy Trustee was accepted for production, its consideration is scheduled for August 6. If it is satisfied, the parent company will have to return to its Kursk "daughter" almost 11 million rubles, which it paid for the use of trademarks.

LLC “Kursk-Moloko” was declared bankrupt in early March. The company's insolvency case was initiated by PJSC “Bank “Vozrozhdenie”. The basis for this was a guarantee agreement for the debt of another company that is part of the structure of Milkiland (JSC “Ostankino dairy plant”). The amount of debt reached almost 102 million rubles. In the process of considering the claim, the Bank sold the company's obligations to its competitor – LLC "Nevskiye Syry" of St. Petersburg group of companies "Neva Milk" of Albert Sufiyarov.

The founder of LLC “Kursk-Moloko” asked the court not to introduce bankruptcy proceedings at the enterprise and expressed his intention to repay the debt. Nevertheless, “Rylsky Syrodel” was declared bankrupt. The property complex was leased by the decision of "Nevskiye Syry". The participant of “Milkiland RU” Anatoly Yurkevich told “Abireg” that he intends to challenge the insolvency of the Kursk asset.

Milkiland registered LLC “Kursk-Moloko” (founder - LLC “Milkiland RU”) in 2013 to acquire assets of the practically idle plant of JSC “Syrodel” in Rylsk. For two years, the company has been reconstructed, production capacity has been increased, as a result of which the plant has reached the production of 4 thousand tons of cheese per year. Now LLC “Kursk-Moloko” is able to process 150 tons of milk per day. Revenue for 2018 amounted to 1.28 billion rubles, net profit - 14.8 million rubles. Revenue for 2019 reached the figure of 1.65 billion, net profit - 33.8 million. LLC “Kursk-Moloko” plans to receive more than 60 million net profit by the results of 2020.

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