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The subholding "Komos Group" "Milcom" includes six production sites for milk processing, the biggest of which are "Izhmoloko", "Sarapul-moloko", "Glazov-moloko", Kezsky cheese factory-are located in Udmurtia. The company also develops a refrigerating plant "Sozvezdie" and Kazan dairy plant.

Earlier it was reported that the agricultural holding suspended the supply of dairy products to China due to intellectual property rights violations. The company was one of the first in Russia to be accredited for the supply of dairy products to the Chinese market. The first contract to supply China with ice cream, ultra-pasteurized milk and milkshakes was signed in March. In June, it was reported about the first batches of dairy products sent to China. According to the representatives of the holding, the company plans to continue working in the country's market, developing a database of contacts of potential suppliers from China and developing relevant proposals for the Chinese market.

"The information that we are forced to suspend our activities in the market of China due to intellectual property rights violations, announced by the Ministry of agriculture of the Udmurt Republic, is not true, – commented Kirill Chechin, Executive Director of LLC "Komos Group". – Yes, in February this year we faced the activities of a dishonest company from China, which tried to register trademarks belonging to a number of dairy producers in Russia, including JSC "Milcom", namely our flagship brand "Selo zelenoye (Green Village)". The company received a refusal to its request. In accordance with Chinese law, the brand name "Selo zelenoye (Green Village)" does not have protection capacity in China yet. Now we are in the process of active discussion with the National patent office of the PRC on the registration of our brand name. In principle, the issue of registration of trademarks, including those belonging to "Milcom", is being solved without the participation of Russian state authorities, so information about the blocking of supplies in connection with the incident is unreliable. We have reasons to believe that after some time the negotiations with the Chinese party will be completed, and we will successfully pass the registration of all trademarks of dairy products declared by us for shipment". 

As part of the export activities of the agricultural holding "Komos Group" the company "Milcom" filed applications for registration of trademarks of dairy products manufactured by enterprises of JSC "Milcom" to the National patent office of China.

Registration of trademarks in the National patent office will give the company the opportunity to develop more dynamically in the market, as the right holder of the mark guarantees customers high quality products and causes greater consumer confidence in the product. At the moment, the application has not received the status of registered yet due to the peculiarities and mechanisms of legislative regulation of this sphere, reported in the press service of the agricultural holding.

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