KARAT is almost ready for labeling

Источник: The DairyNews
The press service of the CATD reported that one of the largest Russian producers of processed and curd cheese KARAT is completing preparations for the start of the first stage of mandatory labeling of dairy products, since June 1, 2021.

‘We are actively preparing for the release of labeled products. To date, all the necessary equipment has been purchased, direct application tests and verification tests are underway. We are working on adapting the software and training the staff. We count on the timely delivery of labeled packaging by printing houses and hope that there will be no failures,’commented Evgeny Grebnev, General Director of JSC KARAT.

He noted that the company actively interacted with the representatives of the CATD at all stages of the work.

‘We thank the employees for their constructive and mutual work on the project. We were able to test various methods of application and determine the options that are suitable for us,’ said Evgeny Grebnev.

The expert noted that the main method of applying labeling codes at the enterprise is typographic, as it guarantees a high grade of application and reduces the amount of necessary equipment.

‘However, for half of the SKU, we will use direct application with a drop-jet printer due to the technical inability to use the printing method and unpreparedness of a number of suppliers. The organization of this process required additional investments from us,’ Evgeny Grebnev said.

Head of the product group "Moloko" of the CATD Alexey Sidorov noted that there is not much time left before the labeling of cheeses and ice cream, so manufacturers of this category are forced to actively prepare. According to him, the plant KARAT started preparing for the labeling process in time, and the methods of applying the codes chosen by the enterprise showed high efficiency.

Earlier, we wrote that according to Karat, the average increase in the cost of packaging without data-matrix code was 26%.

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