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He noted that during the entire period of self-isolation, almost 90% of enterprises were closed completely and only 10% tried to work for delivery. But delivery as such did not bring these companies significant revenues, since the development of this direction requires additional efforts and financial investments, which was impossible to do in the circumstances. Nevertheless, someone still successfully managed to develop this direction.

If we talk about changes in the structure of purchases in restaurants and cafes, nothing has changed. Ties with contractors-suppliers of raw materials are not broken - they were also waiting and now simultaneously with the restaurant industry are beginning to become active. Analysis of supplier prices shows that there is no increase in product prices. All indicators are within acceptable limits. And why should there be any increase in prices, if demand has not recovered yet. The same applies to farm products that are used in public catering.

- In my opinion, it will take at least six months, or even a year, to restore the industry to its pre-crisis indicators. After the opening of summer verandas in Moscow, there will be a period of so-called "deferred demand", when guests who miss restaurant food and communication will come with great pleasure and "celebrate" the removal of strict restrictions. However, after a month or two, this demand will fall and the economy will start to slowly recover in the industry", he said.

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«Считать мы стали раны»: как молочная отрасль пережила карантин

Вот уже почти 4 месяца мир сотрясается от ударов, вызванных пандемией коронавируса. Этот период прочно утвердится в мировой истории, по своей масштабности он может легко потягаться с экономическим кризисом 2008 года, российским дефолтом 1998 года или «Черным понедельником». Последствия кризиса вызванного пандемией, только предстоит оценить.
Приморская земля, ООО
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