In 2020, KOMOS GROUP exported 489 tons of dairy products to the CIS and China

Источник: The DairyNews
Managing shareholder of LLC KOMOS GROUP Andrey Shutov said that in 2020, the volume of exports of dairy products and ice cream to the CIS countries and China amounted to 489 tons, writes The DairyNews.
Deliveries to Armenia in physical equivalent amounted to 45 tons, to Belarus - 84 tons, to Kazakhstan - 106 tons, to Uzbekistan – 111 tons and to China – 142 tons. In monetary terms, excluding VAT, the indicators amounted to 47 thousand 186 rubles.

As for other products, according to the expert, in 2020, LLC Vostochny exported 713 tons of semi-finished products, offal and pork fat to Mongolia for 68 thousand 214 rubles, excluding VAT.

LLC Glazovsky Feed Mill exported 288 tons of feed to Kazakhstan for 7 thousand 229 rubles, excluding VAT, and to Belarus 739 tons for 16 thousand 266 rubles, excluding VAT.

- In 2020, the agricultural holding KOMOS GROUP supplied products to 6 foreign countries. At the beginning of 2021, we shipped the first trial batch of dairy products to the United States from the production site of Sarapul-Moloko. In the future, we plan to expand the geography of exports and the range of exported products for the current year,’ Andrey Shutov said.

According to him, in 2020, the volume of exports of demineralized whey and cottage cheese to China, the UAE and Uzbekistan amounted to 110 tons. Ice cream to Mongolia and Vietnam – 800 tons, meat and poultry offal to China - 150 tons.

‘In 2020, LLC Glazovsky Feed Mill exported 900 tons of feed to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Jordan. And Varaksino poultry farm delivered 449 thousand pieces of food chicken eggs to the UAE, the expert concluded.

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