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"First of all, this initiative is necessary in order to remove the falsification. You know that today about 20 percent of dairy products on the shelves are falsified. This leads to many problems – the growth of the shadow economy, and unbalanced, unfair competition. The task of the initiative is to fight this, - said Igor Du. 

The expert also noted that labeling all dairy products is not the only thing in the plans, and that in the future the consumer will be able to find out easily which cow produced the milk he buys.

"We think that now every cow needs to be chipped – this will allow us to follow the milk not only from the farm, as now, but from a particular animal", commented Mr. Du.

We will remind, since July 15 an experiment on the labeling of finished dairy products began in Russia, its purpose is the fight against illegal importation, production and circulation of products. It will be carried out by applying a protected digital code to the product. It can be scanned when checking the goods, as well as when it is received at the warehouse and sold in the store. With the help of the code, you can track the entire path of the product from the plant to the end user.

"I would call it smart trading – and it is the future of our industry, it is an inevitable thing. A couple of years will pass, and we will see this", Du said.

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Обязательная маркировка готовой молочной продукции начнется 1 марта

У отрасли есть время чтобы подготовиться к маркировке готовой молочной продукции, уверены в ЦРПТ. Алексей Сидоров, руководитель товарной группы «Молоко», ЦРПТ в комментарии The DairyNews подчеркнул, что интеграция систем «Меркурий» и «Честный знак», и работа через «одно окно» исключит дополнительную нагрузку на представителей отрасли.
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