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In the "Magnit" they added that in this network the sales of seasonal products — soft drinks, water and ice cream — increased by 25%. The heat wave in the future may not increase, but reduce the total revenue of stores — at this time, buyers usually do not actively buy strong drinks — from tea and coffee to strong alcohol, experts say. But currently retailers do not see an alarming trend.

According to the statistics of the operator of fiscal data "Platform OFD", from May 1 to June 8, Russians bought ice cream one and a half times more often (by 53%) than in the same period of 2018. The company receives data directly from the online cash desks of Russian stores. In total, the operator analyzed 19 billion receits. Water sales increased by 5%.

The press service of the company "Magnit" (the leader in the number of stores in Russia) said to "Izvestia" that due to the early onset of warm weather, total sales of seasonal groups of goods (soft drinks, water, ice cream) show an increase of about 25%. The retailer analyzed the data from May 6 to June 9, 2019.

The Director of product development for big data of the "Platform OFD" Dmitry Batushenko told "Izvestia" that the sales growth was provoked by hot weather.

— This year the period of high temperatures on the street is observed much earlier than in 2018, — the expert noted. — This has affected the volume of purchases in sectors focused on hot weather conditions.

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