Holding Molochnaya Semya invests more than 1.8 billion rubles in construction projects

Источник: The DairyNews
Holding Molochnaya Semya invests more than 1.8 billion rubles in construction projects. This was announced during the International food and beverage exhibition "Prodexpo" 2021, reported in the press service of the holding to The DairyNews.

This group of companies was formed after Uva-Moloko merged all its production sites. In addition to LLC Uva-Moloko, it includes the existing dairy plant Kasymovsky, as well as the dairy plant Apastovsky and LLC Zvezda Podmoskovya, which are under construction. The opening of the dairy plant Apastovsky in the Republic of Tatarstan is scheduled for November 2021, the launch of LLC Zvezda Podmoskovya in Dmitrov city district of Moscow region - for the autumn of 2022.

In addition to expanding production, the group of companies Molochnaya Semya is actively expanding its product portfolio. At the moment, the factories of the holding produce more than 150 SKUs under 5 brands:

“Molochnaya familia” is a new flagship federal brand of farm milk products;

“Bereketle” is a national brand of traditional dairy products from an ecologically clean region of Tatarstan;

“Milkovo” is a brand of dairy products, the most popular in Udmurtia;

“Dakhazhan” is a brand of cheeses based on centuries-old Caucasian traditions;

“Gentille” is a brand of gourmet cheeses created using Italian technologies.

In particular, the exhibition "Prodexpo" presented whole milk and fermented dairy products, cottage cheese, milk powder (skimmed and whole), butter, as well as semi-hard, young, soft and processed cheeses, cheese products and spreads. Production of the latter resumed in the autumn of 2020 as a response to consumer demand amid a general drop in revenue.

‘2020 was a growth point for us: Uva-Moloko upgraded the line for drying dairy products, which allowed us to increase daily capacity by 15%, and dairy plant Kasymovsky received the right to produce Halal products under the brand "Bereketle". Moreover, we have launched a new brand "Molochnaya familia", which combines products from selected farm milk. In the near future, it will be available in a large retail chain in St. Petersburg. We hope that this will not only strengthen our positions in certain regions and in the federal market, but also maintain the confidence of customers in the unstable economic situation,’ said Alexander Emshanov, General Director of the group of companies Molochnaya Semya.

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На прошлой неделе The DairyNews публиковало свежие данные доклада ФАО о развитии молочного рынка производство молока. Из доклада следует, что производство молока в мире будет расти примерно на 1,7% в год вплоть до 2030 года.
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