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"The Center for the development of advanced technologies will allocate the necessary resources to create a software development group that combines the system of digital marking "Honest sign" and the system "Check", launched earlier by the dairy manufacturer, after which "Galaktika" will start production with digital codes, carry out its logistics and entering retail chains", reported the press service of the operator.

At the first stages the marked dairy products will be sold in retail chains of Moscow and St. Petersburg. "A system of public control is being created, when everyone is able to independently check the products in the simplest possible way - using a mobile application", commented Mikhail Dubin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for the development of advanced technologies after signing.

In turn, the founder of Galactika Igor Du noted that the experience gained in the course of joint work with the operator will be useful for other industries. "Using the achievements of Galactika and the Center for the development of advanced technologies, we will be able to make the most convenient product for consumers, and the system can be used not only by milk producers, but also by producers of any other products: bakery products, vegetables, fruits, juices, meat, fish. The scope of the technology is not limited", the press service quotes him.

The "Honest mark" labelling system will track finished dairy products from production to sale in the store. It is planned that the "Honest sign" will be integrated with the veterinary certification system "Mercury", which, in turn, will control the raw materials to the plant.

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