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The project was nominated for the title of the best invention of 2017 in Russia. This is the first Russian patent in the field of block chain. The technology makes it possible to 100% trace the company's products, as well as to displace falsified products from the market.

The project "Prover’ (Check)" takes into account the data of the State information system of veterinary certification "Mercury". The process is fully automated, which eliminates the influence of the human factor. During the production process, each product package is automatically assigned a unique number. The consumer can scan the QR-code on the packaging with a mobile phone camera, and get information about the manufacturer, processor, distributor of dairy products, veterinary certificate and results of laboratory tests by the number and date of production. Thus, everyone gets access to the full history of the purchased dairy product from the farm to the packaging.

Moreover, using the resource, you can see in real time how cows live and what they eat, from which milk the product is produced.

Under the brand "Prover’ (Check)" there is already produced issued milk, kefir and sour cream, and further the range will be expanded. In supermarkets "Perekrestok" in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region there was sold a trial batch of products of the brand "Prover’ (Check)". Soon the technology will be extended to other retail chains. The project is planned to be adapted for bakery products, vegetables, fruits, juices, meat and fish. More than 200 companies are clients of “Galaktika”. 

“Galaktika” produces 400 tons of products per day. The range of the company includes more than 140 positions of the products which are produced under brands "Bolshaya kruzhka", "Svezhee zavtra", "Sudarynya", Valio, "Prover’", Be Dairy 2.0. "Galaktika" occupies 8% of the dairy market of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. 

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Куда пойдет молоко?

К 2022 году Россия может стать профицитной по уровню производства молока. The DairyNews поговорило с участниками и экспертами рынка о перспективах цен на сырье в отрасли и о том, куда может идти экспорт молочной продукции в случае перенасыщенности внутреннего рынка.
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