Gagarinkonservmoloko received a certificate for the production line of powdered dairy products for baby food

Источник: The DairyNews
Smolensk plant Gagarinkonservmoloko received a certificate for the production line of powdered dairy products for baby food. Governor of the region Alexey Ostrovsky following the visit to the enterprise announced this in social networks, writes The DairyNews.

‘During a working trip to Gagarin district, I visited Gagarinkonservmoloko plant, which today specializes in the production of powdered dairy products (milk and cream powder, butter and milk fat, etc.), and is also the largest producer of dry sour whey in Russia,’ Ostrovsky said.

According to him, with the support of the regional administration, the company is constantly improving its material and technical base and increasing the volume of products. A few years ago, an investment project was launched here, which involves the creation of a line for the production of powdered dairy products for baby food. Last summer, it was launched, and just recently it was certified according to international requirements. The social effect of the introduction of the line was expressed in the creation of 52 additional jobs – at the moment, 245 people work at Gagarinkonservmoloko.

‘This project is aimed, among other things, at the development of the domestic baby food industry and the solution of extremely important import substitution tasks outlined by our president, because such infant formula were not produced in Russia before, but were imported from abroad,’ Alexey Ostrovsky added.

Now the plant has already started producing ingredients for baby food, as well as milk fat for the confectionery and other food industry. The investor plans to increase the production of all types of products to 55 thousand tons per year.

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