From January 1 to January 11, UHT milk rose in price by 0.5%

Источник: The DairyNews
From January 1 to January 11, UHT milk rose in price by 0.5%. The cost of cottage cheese of high fat content increased by 0.2%, pasteurized milk, butter, cheese and sour cream by 0.1%, the cost of infant formula for baby food did not change, reported in the press service of Rosstat to The DairyNews.

In general, from January 1 to January 11, 2021, the consumer price index, according to Rosstat, was 100.4% (for comparison, in January 2020: in general, in January - 100.4%, from January 1 to January 9 - 100.3%).

Also during the reporting period, prices increased: for chicken meat – by 0.7%, canned meat for baby food and vodka – by 0.6%, frozen fish and cookies – by 0.4%, wheat flour and black tea – by 0.3%, lamb, pork, margarine, canned vegetables for baby food, rye bread, buckwheat, pasta, chocolate and caramel sweets – by 0.2%, rice, salt, lunch in the dining room, cafe, snack bar (except for the dining room in organizations) – by 0.1%.

Prices for fruit and vegetable products increased by an average of 2.4%, including tomatoes - by 7.7%, carrots - by 3.4%, potatoes - by 2.7%, onions - by 2.6%, cucumbers - by 2.5%.

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