FrieslandCampina raised the guaranteed price to 36 euros for 100 kg of milk in April

Источник: The DairyNews
The guaranteed price of the Dutch cooperative FrieslandCampina in April is 0.75 euros higher than in March (35.25 euros).

As follows from the company's materials, the price includes a correction of 0.20 euros as a result of too high estimated base prices in the previous period.

In addition, the company expects that the volatile market conditions due to the covid-19 pandemic will continue in the near future.

In addition, in April, the cost of protein for farmers of the cooperative is 577.57 euros, fat - 288.79 euros, lactose - 57.76 euros for 100 kilograms of milk.

The guaranteed price of FrieslandCampina applies to 100 kg of milk containing 3.57% protein, 4.42% fat and 4.53% lactose excluding VAT. These amounts relate to the average supply of 850,000 kilograms of milk per year.

We remind that on April 12, 2021 the Dairy Index DIA was 29.51 rubles/kg (excluding VAT, fat - 3.6%, protein - 3.0%), which is 0.4% higher than last week and 6.9% higher than in April 2020. The key factor in the growth of the indicator was the increase in the import price, due to the growth of prices for exchange-traded dairy products and the weakening of the ruble, as well as the increase in milk prices in the regions of the Russian Federation, according to the Index DIA application.

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