Farmers ask the authorities to support the production of vegetable oils to replace palm oil

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the letter sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Chairman of the CCI Committee on agrarian and industrial complex Victor Semenov, oil and fat Union, the Union of kombikormiv, National Feed Union, the Industrial Association ask to create a new agenda for the development of fodder production and oilseed crops

Such routines, according to the authors, will allow returning to crop rotation at least 20 million hectares of unused land.

"To provide complete nutrition to animals the grain in the structure of feed should not exceed 30-35%, while in Russia it is 70%. The proportion of oilseeds is expected to grow from 10% to 30% in cattle and from 2-5% to 15-18% in poultry," - said in the letter.

The implementation of such recommendations, according to the authors of the document, which is quoted by TASS, will expand the domestic production of oilseed meals to 15 million tons. In the same time, the oil that is produced replace the imported palm oil.

“Palm oil is now starting to put pressure on the market. If the government does not regulate this situation, we can just leave all hopes for export, development of our livestock and just food security somewhere in the distance," - said Viktor Semyonov.

Previously, The DairyNews wrote that according to analysts of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), prices for palm oil increased in August. This happened in connection with lower-than-expected harvest in Malaysia and the continuing reduction of world stocks, which also coincided with the rise in import demand from some key importing countries, especially China, India and the EU.

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