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"At present, such state support as lending to producers is carried out very unevenly. Credits are not available to everyone and are usually provided only to large players. For example, "EkoNiva" – everyone knows of their success, and as far as I know, they receive the credits with ten percent participation of own capital, - noted Alexander Nikitin. – Few people in our country will be provided with such conditions, and most producers will not be able to afford a loan with 30-40% participation".  

According to the expert, we can understand banks – they often do not have a guarantee that a small entrepreneur will not go bankrupt without paying back the loan. Therefore, they are trying to lend to major players – “EkoNiva”, which receives support from the government at the highest level, is unlikely to go bankrupt.

"Banks need guarantees, and quotas for dairy products – butter, milk powder, cheese, etc. could guarantee the return of funds. Until they are introduced, banks will be cautious about investing in this sector of the market", - concluded Alexander Nikitin.

Earlier, The DairyNews reported with reference to RBC that in 2018, exports of agricultural products increased by 20% to $ 25 billion, which significantly changed the approach of banks to financing the industry. For example, in 2019 Moscow credit bank plans to provide tens of billions of rubles to companies in the agricultural sector, including export-oriented companies.  

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Российские переработчики молока уходят в минус

Крупнейшие российские производители молочной продукции работают в минус. Динамика ключевых производителей показывает отрицательный результат как в натуральном выражении, так и в денежном. Об этом со ссылкой на данные международных аналитических агентств сообщили в ходе Молочного бизнес-форума в Сочи, пишет The DairyNews.
Красная Балтика ПЗ, АО
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Адрес:  Курская обл., г. Льгов, ул. О.Кошевого, д. 1 
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