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The agreement on project implementation was signed in 2019 between the group of companies “Belaya dolina” and the regional government.

The amount of investment by the investor is about 1.7 billion rubles, said Alexey Mikhailov.


"Today, "Engelssky dairy plant" is already running a shop for ice cream production under the trademarks "Belaya dolina" and "Iz sela Udoevo (From the village Udoevo)". We note the growing popularity of natural ice cream made from milk without substitutes and by 2022 we plan to launch the largest platform for the production of this category", said Alexey Mikhailov.


It should be noted that today the ice cream market in Russia is actively developing. In addition to existing investment projects, analysts record data on mergers and acquisitions in the industry. The “Iceberry” plant is being built in Yaroslavl region (the cost of investments is about 1.3 billion rubles). In addition, the Rennes group, which owns the brand "Korovka iz Korenovki" builds a factory in Krasnodar region.


LLC “Engelssky dairy plant” was founded in 1977 and today is the leader of the dairy industry of the region. The company is the leader in milk processing in Saratov region (more than 63 thousand tons in 2019) and is among the top 100 largest dairy plants in Russia.


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