EkoNiva will build a dairy complex near Kaluga at 4.2 billion rubles

Источник: rosng.ru
The company Kaluzhskaya Niva, which is part of the group of companies EkoNiva, intends to build a dairy complex Troitsky in Khvastovichi district. It will cost the company 4.247 billion rubles and will produce 37.7 thousand tons of milk per year.

The investor intends to increase the number of dairy cows to 3,550 and eight thousand heads of young animals, reported in the Ministry of agriculture of Kaluga region.

Kaluzhskaya Niva has been operating since 2006 and specializes in the production and processing of milk, is engaged in crop production, seed production and breeding cattle, and is a breeding producer for the Holstein breed. The area of farmland is 78.5 thousand hectares (as of March 10, 2020). The total number of livestock is 40.6 thousand head, including 23.9 thousand forage-fed cows.

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