EkoNiva has expanded the geography of deliveries of dairy products to China

Источник: The DairyNews
During the exhibition, China's Global Food & Hospitality Trade Show EkoNiva has expanded the geography of dairy products deliveries to China, reports The DairyNews, citing the press service of the holding.

As Zhang Ze, Director of the counterparty company Heihe Eyoujia Import and Export LLC, noted during the event, the participation of the group in the exhibition showed what tasks need to be solved at this stage in order to expand the opportunities for further promotion of the EkoNiva brand in the Chinese market.

- Of course, this time there were fewer participants and visitors than usual. Despite this, we managed to establish contacts with new clients. We are already actively discussing future orders with them. In addition to existing sales points in the North of China — in the provinces of Heilongjiang and Liaoning - we managed to expand the geography: soon EkoNiva products will appear on the shelves of Fujian province, he said.

Leading Export Manager of LLC EkoNiva-food products Ildar Rakhmatullin added that milk with a fat content of 0% and 3.5% is the most popular in China.

- It is possible to launch such a product in TBA SlimCap packaging if orders from customers exceed 100,000 liters for each fat content. Therefore, in the near future it is planned to expand the range for China. The volume of orders from Chinese contractors continues to grow, he said.

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