Due to the shortage of processing enterprises in Siberia, milk prices do not grow - Igor Eliseenko

Источник: The DairyNews
Member of the Board of the National Union of Milk Producers Soyuzmoloko. Siberia, General Director of the holding MolSib Igor Eliseenko believes that the all-Russian increase in the cost of dairy products on the shelf is due to the devaluation of the ruble, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that the cost of packaging is linked to the currency. In addition, according to him, there is an increase in the price of consumables and the increased needs of retail chains

Igor Eliseenko said that in Siberian region, in particular in Novosibirsk region, the purchase price of milk is not growing. According to him, this is due to the fact that the region has a shortage of processing enterprises and a surplus of raw milk production. We wrote about this earlier.

‘Our milk production per day is 1 thousand 700 tons, and 43% is processed. The rest of the milk is exported to Altai, Kemerovo and Omsk regions. In addition, such multinational companies as PepsiCo and Danone have reduced the production of dairy products,’ said Igor Eliseenko.

He noted that at the moment the demand for dairy products is stable, however, there is a tendency to demand for milk-containing products with milk fat substitutes.

According to the expert, historically in the summer, milk prices decline, although this year there are no prerequisites for this. In his opinion, this is due to an increase in the cost of milk during the sowing season. At the same time, prices for fuel, fertilizers, and plant protection products have increased significantly. Igor Eliseenko believes that in the autumn, a surge in milk prices is possible due to a reduction in the number of livestock in small and medium-sized farms.

At the same time, other representatives of the dairy industry also note the increase in prices. For example, Alexander Polyak, a member of the Council of the Russian Dairy Union (Russian Union of Dairy Industry Enterprises), believes that the price of raw milk has increased due to the export of feed. He notes that the dairy industry needs regulation of trade margins, not price regulation.

Ildar Fayzullin believes that the main reason for the current increase in prices for dairy products on the shelf in a number of regions is the high level of prices for raw milk.
Молокосодержащие продукты. Часть игроков рынка до сих пор считает, что данную категорию необходимо исключить из технического регламента «О безопасности молока и молочной продукции», чтобы не вводить потребителя в заблуждение и сделать «натуральные» молочные продукты конкурентоспособнее. Вопрос усилился с введением «сложносочиненных» терминов, именующих продукты с заменой молочного жира (вроде продукт молокосодержащий с заменителем молочного жира, произведенный по технологии сметана/сыра/молока).
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