Dmitry Krasnov: There is no need to chase a quick result in the export of organic products

Источник: The DairyNews
As part of the panel discussion "Legalizing organic products. Results of the first year of the Federal Law "On Organic Products" at PRODEXPO 2021, Head of Agroexport spoke about the development of the market of organic products abroad and noted promising areas for the export of Russian goods, reports The DairyNews.

The speaker noted: in the year of the pandemic, the key trends related to conscious consumption have intensified. ‘We also evaluated the prospects for the supply of our products, and saw the importance of such criteria as stability and maintaining immunity,’ said Dmitry Krasnov, expressing the opinion that organic products meet the modern requirements of the market.

Speaking about the global scale, the head of Agroexport stressed: the expected annual growth of the global organic market can reach 9-9.5%, at the moment the market itself is estimated at 120 billion dollars, and it is necessary to dive into this business actively.

At the same time, Dmitry Krasnov noted that in planning exports, it is necessary to focus not on the total consumption of organic products, but on the pace of development of this market: ‘80% of the consumption of organic products falls on the United States and EU countries. But these are established markets, while in Southeast Asia and the Gulf countries, development will be more intense.’

According to the expert, Russia is not yet a significant player in the world market of organic products. ‘Nevertheless, the beginning is made. But we must take into account that without a thorough development of this market within Russia, without the development of the regulatory framework and the improvement of certification, it is not necessary to chase a quick result in exports.’

Speaking about the experience of foreign countries, the head of Agroexport mentioned some facts about the consumption of organic products. For example, in Denmark, more than 30% of eggs consumed and about 17% of butter are organic products. In the United States, the most popular categories are butter, honey, and confectionery.

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