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"It seems to me that it is basically wrong to destroy food. Another thing is to withdraw them and continue to think about how to use them for their intended purpose as food, making the appropriate tests. In the future, this requires discussion", Gordeev told reporters on Friday, commenting on the initiative of the Rospotrebnadzor on the introduction of a legislative ban on the destruction of usable products.

The initiative of the Rospotrebnadzor became known in June 2019. It was supported by the presidential Council for the development of civil society and human rights, which recommended the government to prohibit the destruction of edible products and remove barriers to the transfer of expired products for charity.

In the summer of 2014, Russia imposed a ban on imports of a number of food products from the US, Norway, Australia, Canada and EU countries in response to anti-Russian sanctions imposed due to the situation in Ukraine. Since 2015, products subject to restrictive measures have been destroyed. 

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Погодный фактор: куда пойдет цена на молоко

2020 год не перестаёт приносить сюрпризы. Падение рубля, цен на нефть, затяжная пандемия коронавируса сменяется наступлением аномальных погодных условий в ряде крупнейших молочных регионов страны.
Бойко А.С., ГКФХ ИП (сыроварня Светлевар)
Адрес:  Московская область, Дмитров город, село Игнатово 
Иванов Н.П., ГКФХ ИП (Зарайские деликатесы)
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