DeLaval and the government of Leningrad region signed a cooperation agreement

Источник: The DairyNews
Within the framework of the AGRORUS exhibition, an agreement was signed on strengthening cooperation in providing agricultural producers of Leningrad region with milking equipment, The DairyNews reports. The agreement was signed by Chairman of the Committee on Agro-industrial and Fisheries Complex Oleg Malashchenko and Director of the North-Western region of DeLaval RUCAR Yuri Shishkov.

‘This agreement is aimed at developing cooperation in supply of equipment for dairy farming to agricultural producers of Leningrad region in order to improve quality of milk and efficiency of dairy production in the region. Our company has more than 140 years of innovation and experience in dairy farming, we are always ready to support farmers, to help them produce not just a quality product, but to do it through sustainable development, with maximum profit for the farm and minimal impact on the environment,’ commented Yuri Shishkov. ‘We are well represented in the region, although we are not the only market player. We have serious plans to expand our presence; we are actively working on the design of new high-tech farms with DeLaval equipment. I am sure that in the near future we will strengthen our positions in the region, we will see new modern farms with our innovative equipment.

The representative of DeLaval noted that the industry has embarked upon the path of modernization and many farms, if they do not use innovative solutions and equipment, at least think about it:

‘Today, farm managers, entrepreneurs and industry players are paying more and more attention to efficiency, economic indicators of their enterprises and quality of their products. They understand that without new technologies it is impossible to make a qualitative breakthrough in improving these indicators. We see a trend that more and more enterprises are already ready for this and are actively implementing innovations.

The future has already arrived, but it has come unevenly. Somewhere new technologies are being introduced more actively, some regions are just taking this path, but the overall trend is very positive,’ Yuri Shishkov summed up.

Chairman of the Committee on Agro-Industrial and Fisheries Complex Oleg Malashenko noted that livestock farms of the region have known the DeLaval company for a long time. The representative of the Committee mentioned the agreement with the Rapti Breeding Plant, which was concluded on the same day: it is the installation of DeLaval milking equipment that will help milk the livestock of the new livestock complex. Only two people will be involved in this process

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