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"This is reflected in the collapse of sales for the HoReCa segment, a decrease in demand for categories of products with short shelf life, and the suspension of sales through many sales channels, such as farmers' markets. These difficulties will have a negative impact on the financial condition of most companies, with a possible reduction in revenue compared to last year and a significant reduction in profitability", the expert notes.

We remind that currently the largest consumer market in the country - Moscow and Moscow region have begun to gradually remove restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of covid-19. Some market participants voice the terms of restoration of the agro-industrial complex and HoReCa industries - from 2-3 years.

In many ways, the situation will depend on the exchange rate.

"According to the Center for economic forecasting, after the opening of trade and the restoration of imports, as well as due to seasonal reasons, the exchange rate of the national currency will weaken by autumn to the level of 73-76 rubles per dollar. But it is unlikely that this will affect investment activity: planned equipment replacements will be made because of the need, and we do not expect an increase in investment in new projects", stated Daria Snitko.

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Молочные канатоходцы: как найти баланс

Принцип канатоходца требует балансирования и уравновешивания: даже в пандемию можно найти плюсы и минусы, которые позволят не только оставаться на производственной трапеции, но идти вперед. The DairyNews поговорило с компаниями-поставщиками решений для молочной отрасли и узнало их видение текущей ситуации на рынке, прогнозы и сделало выводы.
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