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"It is easier for large companies to enter the Chinese market, they have a sufficient marketing budget. If you look by industries, I think the future is for dairy industry. There are almost no dairy products [like in Russia]", — said Zainigabdinov.

"Take, for example, the Ussurisky dairy plant, — continued the expert. — It takes one hour to drive from Ussuriisk to the border. The manufacturer can supply to the Chinese market kefir with a shelf life of seven days and thus "pour" kefir over the whole [North-Eastern Chinese] Heilongjiang province".

According to Zainigabdinov, manufacturers from other countries of the world will not be able to work under this scheme. "For example, kefir from New Zealand can be delivered at such short notice only by plane, but then it will be very expensive", he stressed.

The head of the consulting company also pointed out that such products as ryazhenka and kefir are still little known in China. However, according to the expert, there are all prerequisites for them to please the Chinese consumer.

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Россельхознадзор отменил запрет на поставки молочного сырья из Беларуси

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