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JSC "Dairy plant Blagoveshchensky" launched a charity initiative aimed at supporting rare species of animals of Amur region. The Amur tiger was chosen as a symbol of the first stage of the campaign, which will last until 2020 and will take place on the territory of the entire Far Eastern Federal district. 95% of the Amur tiger population, or 580-600 individuals, live in Russia. The partner of the first stage of the social project was the Autonomous non-profit organization "Center “Amur tiger”", created by the Russian geographical society on the initiative of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The project of the Blagoveshchensk dairy plant complies with the principles of the national Strategy for the conservation of the Amur tiger, approved in Russia in 2010.

On milk packages under the brand “Amurskoe razdolye” there is a social advertising in support of the Center “Amur tiger” with the image of a predator and an appeal not to be indifferent and help to save the animals included in the Red book of Amur region. With each package sold, JSC "Blagoveshchensky dairy plant" transfers funds for the protection of the tiger population. To participate in the project, there was selected the packaging Tetra Gemina® Aseptic Square 750 ml, and the company Tetra Pak, the world's leading manufacturer of technological and packaging solutions for food, installed a high-performance Tetra Pak A3/Flex line for bottling ultra-pasteurized milk at JSC “Blagoveshchensky dairy plant”. It is possible to buy milk with social advertising on the package and thus contribute to the conservation of the population of these rare animals in the retail chains of the Far Eastern Federal district.

In the future, JSC "Dairy plant Blagoveshchensky" plans to develop the project and send charitable funds from the sales of its products for the conservation of other animals included into the Red book of the region.

"The Blagoveshchensky dairy plant became the first enterprise in the Far East to bring a product with such a serious social appeal to the market. Being the first in something is always a great responsibility, so the support our partners, without whom the implementation of the campaign would be impossible is very important for us. I hope that together we will be able not only to draw public attention to the problem of reducing the population of animals listed in the Red book, but also in general to stimulate the growth of social activity, to inspire people to take a responsible attitude to wildlife, to be kinder and more humane", — says Tatiana Dedyulya, marketing specialist of JSC "Blagoveshchensky dairy plant".

"Recently, two tigers – Pavlik and Elena – were released into the wild in Amur region. We expect that two young individuals will create a single population together with predators already living in the neighboring Jewish Autonomous region and will help to restore the natural complex that was before here, – says the General Director of the Center “Amur tiger” Sergey Aramilev. – A joint project with the Blagoveshchensk dairy plant will help us to convey to people the idea of respect and love for new neighbors and nature in general. The tiger group in Amur region is still not numerous, it has much to grow and its well-being largely depends on the local population".

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В ходе обращения к нации, озвученного на прошлой неделе, президент РФ Владимир Путин обозначил ряд мер по поддержке малого и среднего бизнеса, более всех пострадавших из-за эпидемии коронавируса. В частности, будут приниматься меры по отсрочке уплаты налогов наряду с уплатой страховых взносов, кредитные каникулы при падении доходов на 30%, снижение страховых взносов с зарплат более МРОТ и другое.
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