Construction of the dairy farm of the agro-cluster Krasnoe Znamya in Pskov region has been canceled

Источник: The DairyNews
The construction of a dairy farm of the agro-cluster Krasnoe Znamya in Pskov region has been canceled. The co-owners of the holding Andrey Berezin, Yuri Vasiliev and Maxim Bondarev will use the loan funds provided for this purpose to launch their own dairy production and increase the cultivated area, writes The DairyNews with reference to the information of

According to the plans, the number of cattle on the new farm was to be 1.2 thousand head. Now there are 300 animals on the farm of the agro-cluster. Milk production was planned at the level of 13 thousand liters per year, investments – about 1 billion rubles.

As Maxim Bondarev noted, the refusal of construction is the most correct decision in today's economic situation.

- Starting with small processing volumes of 3 tons of milk per day, we fully ensure its sale in Pskov region. Additional vehicles have already been purchased for the rapid delivery of products, he said.

Now the company sells products exclusively within Pskov region, but in the future it plans to enter the market of Leningrad region and St. Petersburg.

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