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The head of the Agency for attracting investments and supporting exports reminded that the agreement on milk supplies to China was signed at the end of 2018. Therefore, according to him, there came many projects for the supply of milk and dairy products to China from the Far East.

"We have three companies with which we work in this direction. They have already selected plots of land, the implementation of projects and preparation for the construction of enterprises will begin in the coming months", said the head of the Agency for attracting investments and supporting exports.

"In addition, on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, there is a discussion with the largest Chinese companies on the establishment of supplies of other agricultural products, including soybeans, corn and wheat. We want to sign these contracts by the Eastern economic forum", Petukhov added.

He noted that the implementation of these projects will cause the need to create "green corridors", when the products will pass the Customs in an accelerated mode.

"This is especially true of perishable milk. This is the next task, when contracts will be signed by the WEF 2019. We need to do so to form requirements on the part of shippers to the customs authorities-logisticians of Russia and customs authorities – logisticians of China to make these corridors seamless", explained the head of the Agency for attracting investments and supporting exports.

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Обязательная маркировка готовой молочной продукции начнется 1 марта

У отрасли есть время чтобы подготовиться к маркировке готовой молочной продукции, уверены в ЦРПТ. Алексей Сидоров, руководитель товарной группы «Молоко», ЦРПТ в комментарии The DairyNews подчеркнул, что интеграция систем «Меркурий» и «Честный знак», и работа через «одно окно» исключит дополнительную нагрузку на представителей отрасли.
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