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"I hope that the QIFA platform (Russian-Chinese cross-border digital trade platform – note of TASS) will help you more quickly and better acquaint with the rules and relevant provisions related to mandatory labeling in Russia", the CATD quotes the Head of the Union of Chinese entrepreneurs in Russia, Zhou Lijun.

The head of QIFA, Sun Tianshu, noted that he considers the system of mandatory labeling as a product whose positive impact will affect not only the methods of production, trade and business, but also everyday life. "Mandatory labeling as an advanced digital technology will not only help standardize the structure of the Russian market, protect consumer rights, increase tax revenues to the budget of the country, transparency and openness of business, but will also lead to a comprehensive transformation of Russian-Chinese traditional trade into digital", the CATD quotes him as saying.

Andrey Kirillov, the operating director of the CATD operator, noted that the technology can be scaled to any markets and any product categories. "Creating the track&trace system, which we have called "Honest mark", we studied the experience of digitalization in Singapore, Great Britain, South Korea, and Japan. All leaders of the digital economy have one thing in common: each country has its own digital strategy. In recent years, Russia has come closer to joining this club of digital powers: the level of technical literacy of people is growing, Internet penetration is increasing, and large - scale public and private digital ecosystems are emerging in Russia", he said.

Currently, Russia is conducting experiments on product labeling in several industries. Since July 1, 2020, labeling of all medicines, shoes and cigarettes has become mandatory. Since October 1, 2020, this rule will come into force for perfumes and eau de toilette and photographic goods, since November 1 - tires, since January 1 - light industry goods. Experiments are also being conducted on labeling packaged water and dairy products.

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Скованы одной цепью: как ситуация в Беларуси скажется на российском молочном рынке

Президентские выборы, прошедшие в воскресенье в республике Беларусь, вызвали серьезный общественный резонанс. В течение почти недели весь мир следит за тем, как часть населения республики, несогласная с результатами голосования, пытается отстоять свое, по ее мнению, попранное право на честные выборы.
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