Cheese shop "Rota-agro" will produce up to 10 tons of products per month

Источник: The DairyNews
Cheese shop "ROTA-AGRO" in Moscow region has started working in test mode. A trial batch of cheese will leave the technological line of the cheese shop "ROTA-AGRO" at the end of June, said General Director of the company Asya Dolyanovskaya. The company is completing commissioning of equipment, reported in the press service of the holding to The DairyNews.

"At the first stage, we will start producing cheeses only from cow's milk from our modern dairy farm "ROTA-AGRO Blagoveshchenie". These will be soft and semi-hard cheeses according to French and Spanish recipes. The next stage will be the production of cheeses from sheep's milk. We are the owners of the largest number of French sheep of the best LaCon dairy breed in the country, which is kept in Krasnodar region. Now we plan to buy sheep of this breed in France for a farm near Moscow. A sheepfold has already been prepared for them, a milking parlor has been equipped, and paddocks have been set up", Dolyanovskaya said. 

The planned production capacity of the cheese shop will be up to 10 tons of finished products per month. It is expected that the range will include more than 10 exclusive types of cheeses - Latteria, Capretto, Camembert, as well as new varieties - soft and semi-hard cheeses with a washed crust and blue cheeses.

"As part of the import substitution program, we produce cheeses that have no analogues on the Russian market. And today we can say that “ROTA-AGRO” cheeses have really replaced favorite foreign products of domestic customers. This confirms the growing demand for our product range. That is why it was decided to expand the cheese production", Dolyanovskaya said. 

Currently, “ROTA-AGRO” produces up to 9 tons of elite cheeses per month from cow, sheep and goat milk – semi-hard and hard aged cheeses prepared according to the original French, Spanish and Italian technologies – Camembert, Capretto, Buch, Latteria, "Lefkadi", "Piquantin", "Reserve", "Montarino" and blue cheese according to the original recipe of Roquefort – "Blue LaCon".

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