CATD presented a roadmap of support measures for labeling projects

Источник: The DairyNews
During the regular online events for dairy market participants, CATD, the operator of the labeling system, presented a roadmap of measures to support projects for the introduction of mandatory digital labeling, reports The DairyNews.

Earlier, we wrote that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is preparing a number of proposals for state support of the process.

In addition, the agency has prepared a document that gives a delay in labeling milk for individual entrepreneurs, peasant farm holdings and agricultural cooperatives.

In mid-April, it became known that the Ministry of Industry and Trade published a draft regulatory document amending the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2099 of December 15, 2020. We are talking about a document with rules for mandatory labeling of dairy products, writes The DairyNews. You can read the full version of the document here.

The document is expected to enter into force on September 1, 2021, and public discussion will last until May 6. A number of changes to the labeling rules are important. If they are accepted, participants in the dairy product turnover who enter into circulation and (or) its turnover and (or) withdrawal from circulation in remote or hard-to-reach areas, do their registration in the monitoring information system within 30 calendar days since the date of the need for this action. Previously, this period was 7 days. The permission for agricultural cooperatives to apply labeling only since December 1, 2022 has been supplemented. Previously, this only applied to peasant farm holdings. Also, if the rules are adopted, it will be possible to apply the labeling code on the packaging cover.

All the documents are still under approval. The agencies promise to accept them by June 1.

So far, it is assumed that the main support measures will be preferential loans from the Federal Reserve for the implementation of milk labeling (this support format has a number of restrictions and requirements for borrowers), as well as a preferential VAT rate on the import of imported equipment for printing labeling codes.

It is also planned to extend preferential short-term loans for the implementation of labeling projects, in particular for the purchase of labeling equipment and the purchase of labeling codes.

We remind that market participants have repeatedly expressed the opinion that the best state support would be to reduce the cost of labeling codes.

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