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In the CATD they also commented on the information that was earlier spread by the Milk Union of Russia that "dairy enterprises are forced to participate in the pilot project for labeling".

- The mailing lists in question are sent by the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation under item 8 of the RF Government Decree No. 836 of June 29, 2019, according to which the Ministry should ensure coordination and monitoring of the participants of the experiment, - said Alexey Sidorov.

According to him, the mandatory labeling of finished dairy products will start on March 1, 2020, and the industry has enough time to prepare for it. Integration of systems and work through the "one window" will eliminate the additional burden on the industry, believe in the CATD.

The labeling operator also stressed that the work with the Ministry of agriculture of Russia and the Rosselkhoznadzor is conducted in the format of weekly meetings, where, first of all, the integration of systems is being worked out.

It is wrong to talk about excessive control, since the “Mercury” system and the one of CATD are complementary: labeling traces each unit of product, “Mercury” traces batches and raw materials.

- Thanks to the labeling, the buyer, with the help of a mobile application Honest MARK, will be able to obtain complete data about the product, up to the raw material from which it was produced, without requesting a "physical" veterinary certificate in the shop, - summed up Alexey Sidorov.

According to official data, about 30 companies, including processors, milk producers and retailers, take part in the labeling pilot project, which started on July 15. Earlier, the ACORT Association has already asked to postpone EVC for finished dairy products, which will be mandatory for all major categories of dairy products since November 1. According to Soyuzmoloko, the industry's labeling costs will amount to more than 25 billion rubles of investment costs and more than 20 billion rubles of annual operating costs. The CATD does not agree with the assessment. 

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Обязательная маркировка готовой молочной продукции начнется 1 марта

У отрасли есть время чтобы подготовиться к маркировке готовой молочной продукции, уверены в ЦРПТ. Алексей Сидоров, руководитель товарной группы «Молоко», ЦРПТ в комментарии The DairyNews подчеркнул, что интеграция систем «Меркурий» и «Честный знак», и работа через «одно окно» исключит дополнительную нагрузку на представителей отрасли.
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