Belgorod-based "Rovenki-butter and cheese plant" in 2019 increased its net profit 5 times against the background of a positive balance of other income and expenses

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LLC “Rovenki-butter and cheese plant” (Belgorod region, part of the Voronezh dairy processing plant "Cheese house") at the end of 2019 increased its net profit under Russian accounting standards 4.9 times compared to 2018 - up to 103.1 million rubles.

According to the analytical system "SPARK-Interfax", the revenue of the company for the year reached 6 billion rubles (an increase of 1.6 times), while the cost price of goods, products and services sold also increased 1.6 times - to 5.5 billion rubles.

In addition, the balance of other income and expenses of the company changed from a negative of 51 million rubles in 2018 to a positive of 95.3 million rubles at the end of 2019.

Financial indicators of LLC "Rovenki-butter and cheese plant" (thousands of rubles): 




Revenue from sales

6 036 726 

3 895 235 

Cost of sales

5 502 558 

3 510 857 

Gross profit

534 168 

384 378 

Profit on sales

187 973 

148 794 

Profit before tax

137 376 

30 996 

Net profit 

103 087 

20 956 

Accounts receivable of the company for the year increased from 1 billion 326.2 million rubles to 2 billion 12.4 million rubles, payables - decreased from 810.85 million to 456.7 million rubles.

Earlier it was reported that in November 2017, LLC “Rovenki- butter and cheese plant” launched a new shop for the production of hard and semi-hard cheeses worth 2 billion rubles. With the opening of a new cheese-making shop, the plant doubled the volume of processed milk to 400 tons per day.

According to the system "SPARK-Interfax", LLC "Rovenki-Maslosyrzavod" was registered in 1992 in the village Rovenki in Belgorod region on the basis of a butter plant opened in 1957. The main activity is the production of whole milk products. The capacity of the plant is up to 18-20 tons of semi-hard and hard cheeses and up to 10 tons of soft cheeses per day.

Dairy production company (DPC) "Cheese house" is a group of companies that produce dairy products, cheeses and fat - and-oil products. The company includes two own milk processing plants - "Rovenki-butter and cheese plant" and a dairy plant "Bogdanovsky" (Voronezh region). The owner of the company is the Voronezh businessman Sergey Lyban.

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В понедельник стало известно, что между основателем компании «ЭкоНива», крупнейшего производителя молока в России, Штефаном Дюрром, и Россельхозбанком возникли серьезные корпоративные разногласия. Собственник оспорил в суде соглашения, по которым кредитор компании, Россельхозбанк, мог выкупить доли в бизнесе по номиналу.
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