Belgorod-based Rovenki-Butter and cheese factory plans to increase labor productivity by 30 in 3 years

Источник: The DairyNews
LLC Rovenki-Butter and cheese factory became one of the participants of the national project "Labor productivity" in Belgorod region. At the end of three years of operation, the plant should increase productivity by 30%.

On November 2, Belgorod-based Rovenki-Butter and cheese factory already held a launch meeting on the project. The first stage will be led by experts from the Regional competence center (RCC) and will last 6 months.

At the meeting, RCC experts shared their vision of implementing the plans and explained the role of each employee in this process. Project manager from RCC Evgeny Didenko also gave examples of improvements already implemented at the enterprises of Belgorod region.

‘During the first four weeks of the project, we will conduct diagnostics of the pilot flow, map the current state and implement production analysis. We will also teach employees the basics of lean manufacturing, effective problem solving, standardization of work, and the SMED methodology that will help achieve the project goals,’ said RCC Project manager Evgeny Didenko.

To date, the project has already formed three working groups in the areas of "Optimization of production flows", "Decomposition of goals" and "Project and change management".

Dmitry Kravtsov, chief engineer of LLC Rovenki-Butter and cheese factory, clarified that the goal of participating in the project is to increase labor productivity by increasing product output and product competitiveness through the introduction of lean manufacturing tools. In addition, a preferential development loan, which is issued to participants of the national project, will speed up the process of modernization of the enterprise.

‘We do not just want to improve digital indicators, our task is to change the psychology of people, encouraging each of them to increase their own efficiency and, as a result, the efficiency of the entire enterprise,’ concluded the Personnel Director of Rovenki-Butter and cheese factory.

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