As a result of labeling, the cost of the finished product will increase by 10% - Ruslan Sagitov

Источник: The DairyNews
Ruslan Sagitov, Director of LLC Step (the dairy plant Beloe Ozero), said that the company is ready to introduce mandatory digital labeling, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that the labeling codes will be applied at the enterprise without using a typographic method.

According to Ruslan Sagitov, the cost of labeling at the dairy plant Beloe Ozero will amount to 1 million rubles, because of which the cost of the finished product will increase by 10%.

Ruslan Sagitov calls codes the cheapest element of the labeling process.

We remind, earlier, General Director of the management company Rusmolco Sumanta Kumar De said that the labeling should meet the interests of all market participants. In his opinion, only in this way it will be able to give its positive effect.
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