Artem Belov: at the moment, measures of state support for the industry in the implementation of labeling are being actively discussed

Источник: The DairyNews
According to Artem Belov, CEO of Soyuzmoloko, at the moment, the legislators are actively discussing possible measures of financial support for the market in the context of the introduction of labeling. Among the proposed measures are both direct and indirect mechanisms for reimbursing the costs incurred for labeling, reports The DairyNews.

‘At the stage of discussing the rules for implementing labeling, we managed to solve two problems – the first is related to minimizing investment for businesses, and the second is to create quite comfortable conditions for businesses to enter the labeling system,’ said Artem Belov.

In the issue of minimizing costs, the main focus is on printing houses – their participation will save dairy enterprises from the need to independently apply Data Matrix codes to products. In turn, this will lead them to the prospect of spending money on installing equipment, working with it, and so on.

‘We discussed partial compensation of expenses due to state support measures - either directly or indirectly. Not direct compensation – for example, by zeroing VAT rates, customs duties on imported equipment. And direct compensation is support through concessional lending and reimbursement of direct costs incurred,’ explained Artem Belov.

The expert concluded that such initiatives, of course, will require additional funding, and the support of legislators will be very important in terms of allocating additional budget funds for new state support mechanisms, such as concessional lending, leasing and other measures.

Let us remind you that earlier The DairyNews, with reference to Artem Belov, said that the Ministry of industry and trade should have a guiding and regulating role in the interaction of dairy producers and printing houses, and the Ministry's role should not be limited to informing market participants.

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