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- There are a number of tools that we can use including change of the law on Federal purchases according to which it will be possible quickly and without warning to check products delivered to social institutions, - said Artem Belov. - The appearance of this amendment will let the inspectors feel free.

The expert also gave examples of cooperation with the Rospotrebnadzor on inspections of dairy products on the shelves, reports The DairyNews.

- Today the attitude to milk as a category is very skeptical, especially on the part of young people. There are many misconceptions in adult audience as well. All this leads to negative HYIP propaganda. The role of us as an Association is to convey the correct information to the consumer. We have restarted the project "Three dairy products per day", which is aimed at working with the consumer, - said Artem Belov.

The expert also stressed that Soyuzmoloko is working on an initiative to remove products with milk fat substitute from the technical regulation "On the safety of milk".

- Until the end of this year - at the beginning of the next year, these products can be removed from the dairy technical regulations, - said Belov.

In July 2018, amendments to the Technical regulation "On the safety of milk and dairy products" came into force, which introduced the term "milk-containing product with a substitute for milk fat" for the first time. Also in the Technical Regulations there were introduced items requiring manufacturers to indicate the presence of vegetable fats in the products in large print.

According to the concept of Soyuzmoloko, proposed for consideration, all dairy products in which one component and (or) any component of milk is replaced by vegetable component, must be under the action of TR CU 021/2011 “On food safety".

The need to exclude products with milk fat substtitute from the Technical regulation "On the safety of milk" was repeatedly written about before.

According to world practice, products can only be called dairy if they don't contain milk fat or protein substitutes.

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Антибиотики и молоко

Тема контроля остаточных лекарственных средств в молочной продукции всегда была актуальной. На недавном заседании отраслевого технического комитета (ТК 470), представитель компании Danone Юлия Елисеева озвучила предложение об объединении всех существующих методик определения антибиотиков в молоке в единый ГОСТ.
Егорлык-молоко, ООО (Урожай, ООО)
Адрес:  Ростовская обл, Егорлыкский район, станица Егорлыкская, пер. Чапаева, д. 158 
Адрес:  Брянская обл., г. Брянск, ул. Калинина, д. 98 
Агроэко ГК, молочная ферма
Адрес:  Воронежская область, Верхнемамонский район, с. Нижний Мамон 
Захарино, СПК
Адрес:  Псковская обл, Новосокольнический район, д. Захарино