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"The new line of the Finnish concern will be the ninth in the packing hall. It is equipped with the latest technology and will allow to expand the range of new dairy products. It should be noted that the choice is made in favor of Russian-made equipment", said Andrey Razin. 

The only Valio plant in Russia is located in the village Ershovo in the city district of Odintsovo and produces cheeses, butter, milk, yoghurts - more than 30 positions.

"The launch of the new line is timed to the 10th anniversary. The Finnish company built the plant in Moscow region in 2009, every year production actively develops, the range of products and capacities both expand. We started with processed cheese in "tubs", then opened lines for the production of cheese in" triangles", in slices and in soft packaging and the total output at the plant increased several times", - said Andrey Razin.

According to the Minister, the support of Moscow region government actively helps in the development of the plant. The investor calls the relationship with the regional authorities "partnership".

"Our region is known for its favorable investment climate, we actively support business initiatives for the development and localization of production. Valio is a prime example of how a business should work. For 10 years the company was able not only to develop the traditional range of one of its key products – processed cheese Viola, but constantly offers unique novelties", - added Andrey Razin.

After the opening ceremony, there is planned an excursion– acquaintance with the equipment and production standards.

"This plant already employs more than 210 residents from Odintsovo district. It is planned to involve only local residents in the new production", Andrei Razin said at the end.

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