An ice cream factory is being built in Yaroslavl region

A factory for the production of ice cream is being built in Yaroslavl region on the site of the territory of advanced development "Tutaev", reported in the regional Department of agriculture and consumer market to “Kommersant-Yaroslavl”. A large-scale investment project worth 1.3 billion rubles is being implemented by the largest Russian manufacturer of ice cream – the company "Iceberry".

"The popularity of the company's product line led to an increase in the capacity of the Vologda plant “Iceberry”, and Yaroslavl region was able to offer better conditions for expanding production. Entrepreneurs evaluated the transport accessibility of the territory, as well as the capabilities of the territory of advanced development "Tutaev" and the support measures that we have provided for investors", the Department noted.

After the construction of the factory is completed, 500 new jobs will be created. Commissioning of the factory is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

In addition to the construction of the factory itself, in 2020, to improve the quality of access roads, it is planned to reconstruct the highway using the mechanism of co-financing expenses from the Fund for the development of single-industry towns and from the regional budget in the ratio of 95/5.

There is a grace period for enterprises that are created on the site of the territory of advanced development. In particular, residents of the territory of advanced development are exempt from income and property taxes for five years. They don't pay land tax for the first three years.

LLC TH "Iceberry" was founded in 2005 in Moscow on the basis of the oldest ice cream production enterprise in the country. In 2008, the company moved its main production to Vologda, and produces products under the trademarks "Vologda plombir", "Filevskaya lakomka", "Zhemchuzhina Rossii", "Leningradskoe". The company is certified according to the HACCP system (food safety management system). According to Rosstat data for 2018, the company received revenue of 1.04 billion rubles. According to the Federal tax service for 2019, the company employs 1,588 people.

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