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The event will begin on August 18 in Kirov region, where the dairy festival will be held, and on August 19 the annual motor rally will start in the region. On August 20 and 21, the motor rally will pass through the dairy enterprises of the Udmurt Republic, and in two days will visit Bashkortostan, where the motor rally will be finished on August 24 with the festival “Dairy country”.

The honor to become the hosts of the event fell to Kirov region not by chance — milk production in the region is growing annually due to the growth of the number of cows of the dairy type of productivity and increase in the productivity of the dairy herd.

— Now the construction of modern dairy complexes and farms is actively carried out, the modernization of production is carried out, which will further serve the growth of the number of cows. By the end of 2025, the volume of milk production in agricultural organizations and peasant (farmer) farms of the region is planned to be increased to 684 thousand tons, which will be at least 108.8% to the level of 2018, — said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of agriculture and food of Kirov region Alexey Kotlyachkov. — The introduction of new forage production technologies, which allow to fully provide cattle with quality roughage throughout the year play a huge role in the development of dairy cattle breeding.

In addition, according to the Deputy Chairman of the government, one of the main areas of creating a highly productive dairy herd in the region is the quality of breeding work. As a result, the productivity of cows increases, as well as the production and sale of pedigree young animals, which are in demand not only within the region but also abroad.

In addition to milk production, Kirov region is the largest region of Russia in terms of consumption — according to the calculation of the Russian Dairy Research Center (DIA), more than 276 kg of milk per capita is consumed in the region.

Our neighboring regions are also particularly successful. For example, Udmurtia this year was the first Russian region to carry out the first trial delivery of dairy products to China. In the region there are two enterprises included in the top 10 milk processors of Russia.

In Bashkiria, in the final region of the motor rally “Way to milk” 2019, there was approved a comprehensive program for the development of dairy cattle breeding until 2030. It provides the creation of economic, technological and social conditions for the sustainable development of the dairy cattle industry and an increase in the production of commercial milk, which by 2020 should reach 900 thousand tons. The Republic will host the participants of the motor rally at such enterprises as the famous Belebeyevsky dairy plant and the “EkoNiva” complex under construction.

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Organizers of the Motor Rally: The DairyNews and the Russian Dairy Research Center

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Ministry of agriculture and food of Kirov region
Ministry of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic
Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Engineering Alliance
Agricultural Holding "Doronichi"

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APK "Prodovolstvennaya programma (Food program)"

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