Alexey Gruzdev: Changing Russian dairy production to meet global demand is the main task for the coming years

Источник: The DairyNews
As part of the open strategic session "Russian Agroexport 2020 – 2021", organized by the Federal Center Agroexport, General Director of LLC Streda-consulting Alexey Gruzdev said that the main export partner for Russian dairy producers is China, writes The DairyNews.

The expert noted that in second place there are the countries of the Persian Gulf, where there are quite demanding consumers, but at the same time large volumes. In addition, according to him, we should not forget about the importance of African markets, as mixed products containing both dairy and vegetable raw materials can satisfy more consumers in this region.

‘If we talk about long-term competitiveness, we have a huge potential both in technology and in genetics. Both meat and milk, from the point of view of added value, are more attractive than crop production,’ the expert said.

He noted that if the production capacity of food ingredients of domestic dairy raw materials is changed to meet the global demand for traditional products, it will be a big challenge for the industry and an important task for the next five years.

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