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- The Ministry of agriculture and food of Belarus has developed a strategy for the development of milk production. In the Republic there is a little less than 1.5 million milking cows, the average milk production of each animal is just above 5 thousand kg of milk per head. The average European figure is about 8 thousand kg of milk, and even our Russian colleagues in the organized sector receive more than 6 thousand kg of milk per cow on average. With the genetics that is available in the dairy cattle of Belarus, it is possible to get more than 10 thousand kg of milk per cow: due to the correct organization of production, proper care, forages, health of the herd. I do not see any problems that we would reach the figure of 12 million tons of milk by 2030 (with an annual growth of 3-4% per year). Currently, the production is 7.4 million tons.

The Republic is in the process of consolidation of milk processing enterprises. The purpose of these processes is to strengthen capacities, to become more competitive in foreign markets, because Belarus is fully self-sufficient in milk and supplies 60% to foreign markets. We believe that such processes will help enterprises to consolidate capital and direct additional money for the development of raw material base, modernization of production sites, with the main goal - to reduce costs, to produce competitive goods and supply them to the markets.

Today, many people are interested in the market of South-East Asia. We already have good experience, supplying to China market for 2.5 years. We worked well in commodities: whey, whole milk powder, skim milk powder. In 2018 we delivered dairy products to China in the amount of $60 million. We also intend to promote finished dairy products: cheese, UHT dairy products. With the partial withdrawal of the USA from Chinese market, the number of our contracts has also increased. We are young players in this market, but we hope for the best results.

Earlier, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved a plan according to which the consolidation of milk processing in the country should be carried out.

JSC "Savushkin product" is joining "Beriozovsky cheese dairy complex" and "Orshansky dairy factory".

JSC "Lidsky milk canning plant" is merging with OJSC "Dairy company "Novogrudskie Dary", and JSC "Molochny mir" is joining "Shchuchinsky cheese and butter factory" and "Dyatlovsky cheese-making plant".

In addition, the resolution involves the consolidation of JSC "Milkavita" by joining the state enterprise "Mozyrskie dairy products".

OJSC "Rogachevsky milk canning plant" should take over OJSC "Oktyabrskiy plant for skim milk powder" and unitary enterprise "Kalinkovichsky dairy plant".

Finally, JSC "Minsky dairy plant № 1" will join JSC "Molodechnensky dairy plant".

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