Albert Sibagatullin: 2021 will continue the trend of consumer health care

Источник: The DairyNews
Albert Sibagatullin, Director of CJSC Sernursky Cheese Factory, said that during the pandemic, the company has gained the skills to respond quickly to changes in the market in order to be ready for sudden changes and adapt to them, writes The DairyNews.

The expert notes that one of the achievements of the enterprise in the current year is registration of cheese "Sernurskaya legend" as an appellation of origin of goods.

- An important achievement in the current situation, as for many manufacturers, is also the ability to continue developing new products, increase wages, despite the deterioration of the economy. On the market as a whole, the industry is developing, there are many new manufacturers, which I think is not bad. However, we are still very dependent on imports, Albert Sibagatullin said.

He noted that the company plans to expand the range of confectionery products made from natural dairy products and modernize several production lines, as well as change the packaging of goods. According to Albert Sibagatullin, it is also planned to create a line of hypoallergenic dry pet food.

As for the trends for the next year, the expert highlights the following:

- Definitely, health care-respectively healthy and healthy food to support the immune system will be in the trend. I think yoghurts and drinks based on whey and goat milk will be in demand. The delivery of products and "subscription" to the products of the consumer basket will be even more popular.

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