Agrosila sent Halal-certified milk for export

Источник: The DairyNews
Halal dairy products under the brand Agrosila appeared on the shelves of Russian retail chains two months ago. Today, milk and butter are available to customers. In parallel with sales in the domestic market of Tatarstan and in the nearest regions, the first deliveries of products abroad – to Kazakhstan – took place, reported in the press service of the group of companies to The DairyNews.

The holding company reports that by the end of the year, LLC Agrosila-Moloko plans to further expand the Halal line - the production of court cheese, and at the beginning of 2021 – cottage cheese, sour cream, katyk is also being developed (using special starter cultures allowed in the production of Halal products - note). In total, in 2020, the company plans to produce 37 thousand tons of products worth 1.9 billion rubles.

All products are produced from natural cow milk supplied from Tukayevsky, Zainsk, Sarmanovo and other districts of Tatarstan. The dairy plant of Agrosila has been actively developing the Halal direction since 2018. Before starting production of products according to Sharia norms, Agrosila-Moloko received a Certificate of putting the activities of a legal entity under the control of the Committee and compliance of products with the requirements of Halal. In the future, a certificate of conformity was obtained in JSC Republican certification methodological center Test-Tatarstan, technological schemes of the process were developed in order to prevent the intersection of Halal flows with other products. Today, Halal products are bottled on modern equipment "Galdi RG 250" with a production capacity of 6 thousand bags per hour. The label "Halal" and the mark of conformity are applied to the packaging.

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