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The processing of whey will be implemented by LLC "Uglich cheese and dairy plant" on the site of the plant in Uglich, and in cooperation with JSC "The asset management company "NIC Razvitie", which is part of a financial holding that provides services in the field of investment, it will be possible to deepen the degree of processing of whey with the release of new products. The Uglich cheese and dairy plant, which is currently being modernized and is part of the agricultural holding “AgriVolga”, is a suitable site for the project. As part of the project, it is planned to produce deep processing of whey with a nominal capacity of 120 to 150 tons of raw materials per day.

"Deep processing of cheese whey at the Uglich plant will give a new impetus to the development of the enterprise – products with high added value will be produced, and natural protein will find its application in sports, children's nutrition and cosmetology. Other cheese production enterprises will also be modernized in the region", said Valery Kholodov, Deputy Chairman of the government of Yaroslavl region.

The Uglich cheese and dairy plant (UCDP) is one of the leaders in the Russian cheese making market. Back in the 30s, by the decision of the Soviet authorities on the development of butter and cheese production in Uglich region, a factory, laboratory, factory for the production of starter cultures and the Institute of butter and cheese production appeared in the city. Here they developed cheese-making technologies, which were introduced in all factories of the USSR. The date of foundation of the Uglich cheese factory is considered to be 1935. Then it was the Uglich experimental cheese factory. Within the existing walls, the plant was opened in 1972. In March 2018, a new cheese cluster was announced in Yaroslavl region. Then the agricultural holding “AgriVolga” acquired, among other things, the Uglich cheese factory.

We remind that now in Uglich, the plant with a long history is modernizing production facilities for ESL-milk (long-term storage), butter and fermented dairy products, as well as improving the shops for the production of natural rennet cheeses and whey processing. Major repairs of all bases, roofs, and interior decoration of production facilities are being completed: repair of internal and external networks, improving the road network, landscaping, as well as full replacement and installation of new manufacturing equipment in areas receiving milk, production of cheese, butter, cheese, packaging of dairy products and the whey processing. The modernization of the plant will allow producing high-quality dairy and fermented dairy products of various assortment (whole milk, pasteurized milk, kefir, ryazhenka (fermented baked milk), sour cream, cottage cheese, butter), as well as semi-hard cheeses.

Already now, the plant uses new equipment to produce milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter under the brands "Yaroslava" and "From Uglich". The number of employees at the company has recently increased from 120 to 200 people.

In general, the budget for the modernization of the Uglich plant is 1 billion 823 million rubles. Of these, own investments - 365 million rubles, the rest of the financing is carried out by attracting a bank loan with the participation of Sberbank and the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. The modernization of the plant will be completed in the autumn of 2020. Currently, the plant has been fully supplied with all the technological equipment from the Czech Republic for the production of semi-hard cheeses. In addition, as part of the ongoing modernization, equipment for whey processing has been imported and installed at the Uglich cheese and dairy plant.

"Today, the company processes up to 25 tons of milk per day. In 2021, the milk processing rate will increase to 75 tons per day in the production of fermented dairy products and up to 120 tons per day in the production of cheese with the output of 4,300 tons of product per year ("Russian", "Uglich", "Poshekhonsky", "Yaroslavl" cheeses), - said the General Director of the plant Andrey Molev. – And in this regard, we find cooperation with the asset management company "NIC Razvitie" very profitable. Receiving from us a concentrated cheese whey and protein concentrate from the processing of whey, which is a kind of finished product, they will be able to use it for the production of whey protein and lactic acid".

In turn, representatives of JSC "The assest management company "NIC Razvitie" told that their company, together with Carbocon GmbH (Austria), LLC "BioMIKHM", LLC "Bigor Biotechnologies" with the support of the Institute of organometallic chemistry of RAS named after G. A. Razuvaev, developed a production in a modular design for deep processing of whey (both cheese whey and cottage cheese whey). The whey processing plant must be located on the territory of the cheese factory where the whey is produced, or be located in the immediate vicinity of this plant and must be integrated with it by product pipelines and energy infrastructure.

It is important that the project for deep processing of whey can be implemented both with the financial participation of the cheese processing enterprise, and without it, at the expense of its own and attracted funds managed by JSC "The asset management company NIC Razvitie".

The asset management company “NIC Razvitie” has been engaged in asset management of UIT funds since 2004. Now, the total value of assets under management of the company exceeds 24 billion rubles. Funds managed by “NIC Razvitie” act as initial round investors in the construction of plants for deep processing of grain in Tambov and Tula regions.

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