"AgriVolga" completes the first stage of modernization of the Uglichsky plant

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Modernization of the first part of the Uglichsky cheese and dairy plant, owned by the agricultural holding “AgriVolga”, is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. The full launch of the updated plant will take place in a year. The total cost of modernization is 1.8 billion rubles, reports The DairyNews.

Within the reconstruction of the Uglichsky cheese-dairy plant, which is a part of the agricultural holding "AgriVolga”, they are preparing for the completion of the first phase of modernization.  Modernization of the first part of the plant is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. The dairy shop, where milk, cheese, ryazhenka (fermented baked milk), yogurt, sour cream will be produced, is almost ready, said Sergey Klyuchnikov, General Director of the Uglichsky cheese and dairy plant.

The modernized cheese shop will also be ready. "We signed a contract with the Czech company VPS, - said Sergey Klyuchnikov. – Using their equipment we will produce semi-hard cheeses: "Russian", "Dutch", "Kostroma", "Poshekhonsky", "Uglich". It is an automated closed-type production process – a modern alternative to the old equipment. We considered Italian, Spanish and Austrian companies, but the Czech equipment suited us in terms of "price-quality". The amount of the contract was 4.5 million euros".

We will remind that in March 2018 the agroholding "AgriVolga" announced the acquisition of the stake of OJSC "Danilovsky cheese and butter plant" and Federal state unitary enterprise "Experimental cheese-making plant" in Uglich.

Modernization of production of Uglichsky plant is carried out with the participation of Sberbank and the Ministry of agriculture. The budget of the first stage of the project is 998 million rubles, the amount of credit - about 800 million rubles. In general, the budget for the modernization of the Uglichsky plant within the cheese cluster is 1 billion 800 million rubles. Of them, the investments of "AgriVolga" amount to 350 million rubles. The plans of the second stage of the investment program include modernization of shops for the production of natural rennet cheese and whey processing, including the purchase of machinery and equipment.

"AgriVolga" is the leader of Russia in the production of organic food, and has a complete production process - from the field to the counter. The company has its own dairy and meat farms and its processing plants, the products without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics - are produced under the brands "Ugleche Polye" and "From Uglich". 

Full launch of the plant is planned in a year. As noted by the management of the plant, there will be much less heavy manual labor now at the enterprise. A number of employees will go to the Czech Republic for training. The remaining employees will be trained to work on the new equipment at the plant - under the contract with Czech colleagues.

"The implementation of the project will allow to use the possibilities of our plant more efficiently, and due to the modernization and expansion of production site we will be able to enter new markets", - said Sergey Klyuchnikov.

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