A phased reconstruction continues at the Pyatigorsk dairy plant

Источник: The DairyNews
General Director of the Pyatigorsk dairy plant Konstantin Sukharev said that the company is undergoing a successful phased reconstruction, writes The DairyNews.

‘At the moment, we are carrying out a phased reconstruction of the enterprise. Work started in 2020 and will continue in 2021. Currently, the work on the installation of new refrigerating chambers has already been carried out. I think that the situation in the region will be favorable, and in general the situation should contribute to our changes and development,’ Konstantin Sukharev said.

He also noted that during the pandemic, the Pyatigorsk dairy plant did not stop working for a day. However, according to the expert, the restrictions certainly affected consumer demand. According to Konstantin Sukharev, currently the most popular is cheap segment, the demand for which is growing.

It is worth reminding that in 2019, the dynamics of growth in milk processing volumes of the Pyatigorsk dairy plant amounted to 38.08%.

As for a percentage of the increase in processing volumes, the company was among the leaders of the top-100 rating of the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA), taking the 36th place.

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В понедельник стало известно, что между основателем компании «ЭкоНива», крупнейшего производителя молока в России, Штефаном Дюрром, и Россельхозбанком возникли серьезные корпоративные разногласия. Собственник оспорил в суде соглашения, по которым кредитор компании, Россельхозбанк, мог выкупить доли в бизнесе по номиналу.
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