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On August 18, a Dairy festival will be held in Kirov region and on August 19, an industry motor rally will start in the region.  On August 20 and 21, the Motor Rally will pass through the dairy enterprises of the Udmurt Republic, on August 22 and 23 it will visit Bashkortostan, where the motor rally will be finished with the festival “Dairy country” on August 24.

The Ministry of agriculture of Kirov region emphasizes that milk production in the region is growing annually due to the growth of the number of cows of the dairy type of productivity and increase in the productivity of the dairy herd.

- Currently, the construction of modern dairy complexes and farms is being actively carried out, the modernization of production is being carried out, which will further serve the growth of the number of cows. By the end of 2025, the volume of milk production in agricultural organizations and peasant farm holdings of the region is planned to be increased to 684 thousand tons, which will be at least 108.8% to the level of 2018. The introduced new technologies of forage production, which allow you to fully provide cattle with quality roughage throughout the year, play a huge role in the development of dairy cattle breeding. One of the main area of creation in the region of highly productive dairy herd is high-quality breeding work. As a result of this work, the productivity of cows will increase, the production and sale of pedigree young animals, which are currently in demand not only within the region, but also abroad will increase, - noted in the Ministry of agriculture of Kirov region.

Kirov region is also the largest region of Russia in terms of milk consumption - according to the calculation of the Russian Dairy Research Center (DIA), here more than 276 kg of milk is consumed per capita.

In the Udmurt Republic, the dairy industry continues to show positive dynamics – milk production has increased by 5.6% since the beginning of the year. Over the five months of this year, agricultural organizations and farms of the Republic produced a total of 315.7 thousand tons of milk, thereby improving their last year's performance by 16.6 thousand tons. Sales of commercial milk have increased by 268.1 thousand tons compared to 266.3 thousand tons (+7.3%). Marketability was 90% (+1%).

The most significant achievement, according to the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture: this year Udmurtia was the first of the Russian regions to carry out the first trial delivery of dairy products to China.

- Udmurtia is multifaceted. Despite the fact that we are considered to be a dairy region, we have a well-developed meat production and crop production.  Udmurtia will be interesting for the Motor Rally due to its structure in dairy farming. We are not a region with a concentration of agricultural holdings for the production of raw milk, but at the same time there are two enterprises in the region that are in the top 10 milk processors of Russia. The experience of the Udmurt Republic, its beauty, history and national color – for sure will interest the participants of the Motor Rally “Way to milk!”. As for the goals of the region - we want to find new partners to strengthen the dairy industry through participation in the Motor Rally. Our task is to attract the maximum of technologies, the best practice of animal husbandry in the industry. The Motor Rally will be attended by professionals and we hope to build a long-term partnership that will allow us to increase our potential and professional knowledge, - commented the head of the Ministry of agriculture of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova.

Udmurt farmers remain masters of high yields. For many years, the Republic has been a worthy representative of Russia's dairy TOP; it occupies a leading position in the industry ranking for milk production among agricultural organizations.

- This is the only region of Russia, which since the late 1980s has been steadily increasing the volume of milk production, annually showing a positive trend. Such a situation we have not seen anywhere else, - said the leading analyst of the Russian Dairy Research Centre of The DairyNews Ekaterina Zakharova. - Today Udmurtia is in the TOP 10 surplus territories, the surplus of raw milk is more than 300 thousand tons.

Bashkiria is the final region of the Motor Rally “Way to milk" in 2019. One of the interesting points of the Motor Rally program will be a visit to such enterprises as the Belebeyevsky dairy plant and the “EkoNiva” complex under construction.

In the region at the end of 2018, farms of all categories produced 1623.9 thousand tons of milk (100.9% compared to 2017). During the five months of this year, 642.1 thousand tons of milk was received (100.1% compared to 2018), milk yield per cow reached 2360 kg (110%). Thus, milk production in 2019 is planned at the level of 1630 thousand tons, including commercial milk - 735 thousand tons.

- For the effective development of dairy production in the Republic, in 2018, there was approved a comprehensive program for the development of dairy cattle breeding in the Republic of Bashkortostan until 2030. It provides the creation of economic, technological and social conditions for the sustainable development of the dairy cattle industry and an increase in the production of commercial milk, which by 2020 should reach 900 thousand tons. The program will increase the investment attractiveness of dairy cattle breeding of the Republic. Putting into operation new dairy complexes GC "Tavros", LLC "Bashkiragroinvest", LLC "SAVA Agro Usen", LLC DF "Urozhay", LLC "Pobeda", LLC "Severnaya Niva of Bashkiria" (EkoNiva), LLC "A7Agro", LLC "Bazy". In order to develop the processing of dairy products, the Republic actively cooperates with such companies as Savencia, together with this company, the construction of a plant for the production of soft cheeses with a volume of 12 thousand tons per year and a cost of about 3 billion rubles will start in the city of Belebey, LG Group, the Israeli company Agrointegrator, EkoNiva, - said Deputy Minister of agriculture of Bashkortostan Yuri Lysov.

We invite everyone to take part in the Motor Rally “Way to milk!”

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Organizers of the Motor Rally: The DairyNews and the Russian Dairy Research Center

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Ministry of agriculture and food of Kirov region
Ministry of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic
Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Engineering Alliance
Agricultural Holding "Doronichi"

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APK "Prodovolstvennaya programma (Food program)"

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