13 companies process 98% of raw milk in Holland

Источник: The DairyNews
There are 17500 dairy farms in Holland, their number declines each year by about 3%. The information was announced by Jan Maarten Vrij, Director of international relations in the dairy industry, the Dutch Dairy Association in the interview with The DairyNews.
"The number of milk processors counts 25, 13 of which process 98% of the milk produced in the country," - said the expert.

Remember that this year The World dairy summit of International dairy Federation (IDF) will be held in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The events of the summit will be held 16 to 21 October.

According to the host country, the participants of the Summit this year will be invited to visit two farms in the Western part of the Netherlands. There will also be organized a trip to the Lely factory and several farms, where the equipment of this company is installed. There will also be tours to the companies DSM, the Japanese Yakult which is engaged in the production of probiotics, innovation centre Friesland Campina, several other companies and several institutions as well as cheese factories.

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