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"We are constantly monitoring the use of funds of state support for agriculture in terms of compliance with the antimonopoly legislation. During the last two years there were carried out inspections, resulting in finding violations in the subsidy mechanism in more than 50 regions," said Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsyganov.

According to him, it is, in particular, about rejection for unknown reasons in grant, lack of documents of the second and third levels, which regulate the distribution of subsidies, unclear criteria by which decisions are made about the provision of subsidies, the unresolved issues of what to do if the money ran out and the queue to receive them remains.

"I'm not talking about the existing facts of misuse of the money, about the attempts under the guise of subsidizing one industry to subsidize another, - said Andrey Tsyganov. - That if the organization is registered outside of the subject of the Federation where you have organized the production, the subsidies will not be provided, even though it violates the unity of the economic space of Russia".

According to Deputy Head of FAS, "the fact is that the mechanism is not always the most effective and does not always create the right incentives".

"Let’s take the traditional state support - subsidizing of interest rates on loans. It leads to the fact that the peasant has no confidence in the future. Under the condition of the lack of clarity and stability of rules and hard budget constraints this year you may receive, and the next it might not be provided, - he said. - This year, the production of one crop is good, but the next year, forgetting the rules of crop rotation, the negligent owner will sow it again, because he predicts the market demand. But if such a management decision was made by thousands of other farmers, there is an overproduction, and loans have to be paid - and you get zilch and not profit".

According to A. Tsyganov, one of the main problems of the investment process in the industry is that "investment is made pointwise, atomically, in significant isolation from what is happening around."

"And, this is largely done not by professional investors or professional investment consultants, but by land owners, managers of land funds, by farmers and peasants, based on very short term", - he said.

In addition, there is a gap between the huge prospects of the domestic agricultural sector, and a temporary limitations of investment resources, physical lack of investment, believes A. Tsyganov.

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